OLGAJAZZY coming to G+T!!

Join us in welcoming Olga Buraya-Kefelian, the exceptional designer behind Brooklyn Tweed's first Capsule Collection. Olga will be with us all weekend, January 16-17! Not only will she be on hand to autograph copies of the book and answer any questions, but she'll also be demonstrating four different short-row techniques!

Here is a description of the 4 different short-row techniques, along with the schedule:

Saturday 2-2:30p // Sunday 1-1:30p
Wrap & Turn Short-rows

Most commonly used and applied method of short rows that everyone must know to understand the anatomy of all other existing short row methods.

Saturday 2:30-3p // Sunday 1:30-2p
Japanese Short-rows
Created using pins, with this method of short rows you will most definitely never lose your place.

Saturday 3-3:30p // Sunday 2-2:30p
German Short-rows
With this technique we have no wraps as they are immediately implemented into knit fabric, leaving a neat looking short row placement.

Saturday 3:30-4p // Sunday 2:30-3p
Shadow Short-rows
This technique allows to create short row wraps in your knitting leaving them virtually invisible. Perfect usage for knit fabrics that will be worn with both sides as public sides, making it truly reversible.

There's no need for registration or sign-up. Stop in and hang out with us!


RE-UP Report 11/21-11/22

We can hardly believe it's here! Olgajazzy's collaboration with Brooklyn Tweed on their very first printed book. It is gorgeous, no surprise there, and full of gorgeous designs, another no-surprise. We definitely had high expectations, and this book met every single one. Beautiful photos and layout synonymous with Brooklyn Tweed and interesting, geometric, wearable art from Olga Buraya-Kefelian. But my favorite part is that the book is just the right size in dimension and length. It's easy to flip through with its thick paper, feeling substantial without being too heavy. You'll want it in your knitting bag wherever you go.

And who could resist a collaboration between Fringe Association and Grainline Studio, two of our favorite makers coming together to give knitters who sew the ability to make their own project bag! Something we'll be taking them up on most definitely. We never seem to be able to find the right bag, so we'll be making our own!

And back in stock are some of our favorites: the Jones & Vandermeer Clever Camel in Snowden Grey and Carbon (dark gray). This 100% baby camel in worsted weight is an absolute treat!

Some quick pattern ideas for this beautiful yarn are the Galeo (left) and Torti (right) hats. Quick, fun knits perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself!

And we can't seem to keep up with demand on Jones & Vandermeer's Happy Mink. Handspun in Mongolia, this beautifully textured 50% Mink / 50% Cashmere yarn is fast becoming a favorite. Back in stock is the Squid Ink (black).

We have a free pattern here that utilizes one skein of Happy Mink for the body of the hat, and another for the brim. Check out the Love Thyself Hat here.

RE-UP Report for 9/12-9/13

Wow! It's been a crazy summer getting ready for this knitting season! While we've been waking up every morning waiting for that Tuesday after Labor Day like it's Christmas, we can't believe it's here. It's not officially Fall yet, but we've been itching to see and feel some new yarns and colors.

To start things off, we went back to our well of gorgeous indie hand-dyers and replenished our Spun Right Round and The Lemonade Shop stock. Great Snappy Sock colors from SRR, some old, lots new:

And a nice replenishment from The Lemonade Shop. Their first shipment flew out the door, so we were SO happy when that box came in:

And with knitters, weavers, felters and fiber artists all enjoying our dyed merino wool top, we've brought in some more colors. Come on in to take a look at our entire selection. 

This dyed merino top is perfect for spinning into singles then plying together, or carding into luscious batts. If you're interested in drum carding and learning how to make batts and spinning the yarn you want from them, take our Next Steps: Intermediate Drop Spindle class.

We've got lots in store for you over the next few months, so check out our Classes/Workshops and Events pages for more information!

G+T Cormo Yarn has landed... along with some shawls!

I'm excited to introduce G+T's newest addition. Our very own 100% Cormo Sportweight yarn. One of the many pleasures of having your own store is being able to carry things you're excited about and want to share with your community. Well, Cormo is definitely one of them. It is my favorite wool having an extremely soft hand, but being a durable medium to long-staple wool at the same time. A true pleasure to work with.

I could not introduce this yarn without some drool-worthy patterns, so to celebrate this launch I commissioned four friends (and amazing designers) to design a shawl, perfect for warm sunny days, and cool nights.

Leila Raabe, the lace whisperer (I like to call her), designed a beautiful crescent-shaped shawl with a hint of feather and fan and some beautiful elongated stitches. PENUMBRA takes only two skeins of G+T 100% Cormo Sportweight and the suggested needle size is US 7.

PENUMBRA by Leila Raabe

PENUMBRA by Leila Raabe

PENUMBRA by Leila Raabe

PENUMBRA by Leila Raabe

I met Holly Chayes while sitting at the infamous "back table" at Knitty City. Always diligently working away on some intricate lace, I always found myself in awe of how she could knit lace in public. I could not resist working with her and seeing what she'd design. SPIRA is a pinwheel-shaped shawl that is knit back and forth. Since it's knit flat and not in the round, there is a slit so you can wear it comfortably around your shoulders.

SPIRA by Holly Chayes

SPIRA by Holly Chayes

The pinwheel is comprised of 8 wedges so it drapes around the shoulders like a capelet. The patterning switches between garter and lace making it a surprisingly fast knit. SPIRA takes 3 skeins of G+T 100% Cormo Sportweight and the suggested needle size is US 6.

Sarah Solomon, another designer I befriended at Knitty City, would never call herself a lace knitter or designer, but somehow her designs that do involve lace are always delicate and beautiful.  

LENZ by Sarah Solomon

LENZ by Sarah Solomon

LENZ, a rectangle-shaped wrap, is the perfect project for any knitter. Comprised of a simple lace pattern, this project is great for the beginner lace knitter, or the experienced one looking for a mindless beach or vacation project. LENZ takes 3 skeins of G+T 100% Cormo Sportweight and the suggested needle size is US 8.

And last, but so very not least, Bristol Ivy designed YARROW for this special collection. This triangle-shaped shawl has an oversized lace pattern at the border of a garter stitch body.

YARROW by Bristol Ivy

YARROW by Bristol Ivy

Absolutely stunning! YARROW is one of those knits that makes me really appreciate what a simple yarn over and decrease can do. 

All shawl patterns can be purchased through Ravelry here. And G+T's 100% Cormo Sportweight is sold exclusively through G+T in store. Also, be sure to stop into G+T to take a look at these shawls in person.

RE-UP Report for 5/16-5/17

Here we are. Memorial Day is next weekend and I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. (Don't forget - we're closed Memorial Day weekend.) Well, I've got a very special report for you this weekend.

A dear friend, someone who I respect with my whole heart, Leila Raabe, has designed one of the most beautiful shawls I've ever laid my eyes upon. The Florin Triangle is a shawl of eyelet rows and an updated old shale border. The most subtle design element (Leila's gift) has been added to make the border stand out - a lateral braid. It's such a beautifully simple technique, but adds just the right touch to this delicate shawl. The pattern is available in-store and is clearly written and comes with... an addendum that guides you through modifying the border! Genius!

I have a sample in-store made in O-Wool's O-Wash Fingering in Pearly Mussel. A perfect pair. 


Taking only two skeins, it is the perfect warm-weather shawl, to knit while traveling or at the beach.

This past month, I've been a spinning fool! I haven't been able to put down my spindles and wherever I've been, people have asked me, "What are you spinning? That color is gorgeous!!"

It's Queen Bee Fiber in the most subtle aqua color. "Like a cloud..." is what someone said as they sat and watched me spin. I asked Lexi, the Queen Bee herself, to dye up some more aquas and blues for us. Opening up her boxes are always a real treat!

If you haven't taken up spinning yet (oh, you will), I still have room in tomorrow's introduction to drop spindling. Join us - it's too much fun!

And, we'll leave you on a high note...

YOTH Yarns is coming to G+T for a trunkshow!! Mark your calendars - June 20-21. More to come...

See you this weekend! xoxo

RE-UP Report for 5/2-5/3

Love at first sight. That's really all I can say when it comes to Portfiber. Based out of Portland, Maine, I visited this amazing mecca of fiber, yarn, spinning and weaving last year and immediately started making plans to move to Portland. Casey, the owner/dyer extraordinaire, welcomed us in and showed us where she dyes her fibers and let us poke around the plethora of looms that Portfiber houses. It was like a dream.

So after much harassment (sorry Casey), I'm finally able to carry Portfiber roving! I'm starting out with some BFL, which is perfect for beginners or those wanting to weave with it. The longer staple length keeps it from falling apart.

And for the more experienced spinner, I couldn't resist getting some 60/20/20 Merino/Yak/Silk, one of my favorite blends. It is so beautiful, taking the dye wonderfully and is super soft to the touch. I can't wait to spin up this braid of Woodsmoke I just stole :)

And Summer just wouldn't be Summer without some linen. A beautiful netted construction makes up this light worsted weight 100% linen from Jones & Vandermeer.

All I envision when I stare into this bowl is beach, sand, sun and surf! Bring it on!

Don't forget to sign up for Knitting in Japanese with Maria from Subway Knits - it's next Saturday! She recommends a book for help with knitting symbols in Japanese patterns, so we've got that in store now. It's so clear, easy to understand and super cute!

One last reminder for next weekend... VOOLENVINE IS BACK!!! We are excited for Kristin to hang out with us next weekend. It's going to be fun fun fun - be sure to stop by!

RE-UP Report for 4/25-4/26

Well, as soon as we got our batch of Queen Bee Fibers in the other week, it sold out. Not a surprise, so we've got a dozen more braids of her delicate palette. Absolutely perfect for Spring! Sometimes we get a little hesitant about working with wool in the warmer months, but these colors make it a no-brainer.

Queen Bee Fibers Domestic Wool Roving

Queen Bee Fibers Domestic Wool Roving

They remind us of parisian treats!

And in addition to the Journey Worsted base, we just got in the Merino Single base from Skeinny Dipping. Uhhhhh, these colors! To die for!!

Skeinny Dipping Merino Single

Skeinny Dipping Merino Single

Oh, the joy of joys stocking the shelves with these lovelies. (It reminded us of when we would systematically arrange our Crayola crayons into my 64 box with that sharpener on the back.) Must be seen in person!

And, aren't these fun?!

Julie Asselin Gradient Kits in Leizu Fingering

Julie Asselin Gradient Kits in Leizu Fingering

We're obsessed with Julie's subtle touch to her vibrant colors. And these kits really show off her skills in getting just the right shade, hue and vibrancy. Totally in love.

This week, we re-upped our O-Wool Legacy Bulky stock and added two new colors: Sulfur and Alumroot... something to brighten up the palette a bit.

Don't forget to sign up for our Japanese Knitting Workshop with Maria of Subway Knits!

Last but not least for this week... VOOLENVINE IS BACK!!!!! Kristin is joining us for another trunkshow the weekend of May 9-10. Here are some little teasers to whet your yarnetite:

See you this weekend! xoxo

RE-UP Report for 4/11-4/12

We're baaaaaackkkkkkkk!!

We had a lovely time last weekend stuffing our faces, but really missed G+T! We've gotten some new goodies which you may or may not have seen pictures of on Instagram, but here is their formal coming-out party!

We first came across Skeinny Dipping at last year's Indie Untangled Trunkshow before the Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. It was a great start to a wonderful weekend of fiber and fun, and overwhelming is an understatement. But one vendor that stuck out to us was Skeinny Dipping! We couldn't wait to place an order and get her represented in the N.Y.C.

We're starting with the Journey Worsted base and are expecting the fingering weight Single base soon all in the same colors. The colors are super saturated and so much fun. You'll have to come in and see how gorgeous they are in person. These pictures don't do them justice.

And as a nice juxtaposition, we have some Queen Bee Fibers braids in American Wool and Merino here in the softest, prettiest, most feminine colors. If you've never spun with Queen Bee's fibers, it is a real treat!

Also, if you're looking for a fun way to spend a few hours on Sunday, sign up for our knitting in the round class! If you're stuck knitting squares, flat objects and that never-ending scarf it's time to elevate your knitting and move onto hats, mitts, cowls and seamless sweaters!

Hope to see you soon! xoxo


RE-UP Report for 3/21-3/22

A small, but MIGHTY Re-Up this week!

A brand new shipment from Spun Right Round has come in, and these colors are so perfect for the Springtime. The colors remind us of bright easily-found Easter eggs, Peeps marshmallow candies ad Cadbury Mini Eggs.

And don't forget to sign up for our Crochet 101 class this weekend! Learn the basics while making a clutch bag - perfect for that late-night summertime date or a girls' night out!

And keep an eye out for our April classes. We'll be announcing them soon!

RE-UP Report for 3/14-3/15

Spring is just around the corner, and we're really enjoying the longer days and smaller piles of snow. It's a big weekend - the last official weekend in Winter, the Ides of March and G+T's brand new items!

Julie Asselin's new Spring/Summer colors really captured our idea of sunny days and summer vacations.

From drinking red wine overlooking the ocean to tending to our blooming garden, Julie's new colors make us nostalgic for summers past and excited for what's to come. Come in and take a look at these 5 new colors in her fingering weight base, Milis - 100% superwash merino.

We also have PLY Magazine's latest issue in store now. This issue is dedicated to one of our favorite family of breeds, Leicester. One of the Leicester breeds, Bluefaced Leicester ("BFL") is a wonderful friend to new spinners. This issue talks in depth about the 3 Leicester breeds: Leicester Longwool, BFLs and the Border Leicester.

PLY's issues tend to sell out quickly, so don't let this one pass you by. Always chock full of information, each issue is always inspiring, informative and educational.

Interested in spinning your very own BFL? We've got Natural and Black (a dark brown) for $2.75 a ounce, and a Mixed BFL for $3.25 an ounce.

Don't know how to spin?

Join us tomorrow from 2-4pm and learn how to Drop Spindle!

Register here on the Classes/Workshops page - it's not too late!

Back in stock! We were running dangerously low on some Brooklyn Tweed and Imperial Yarn colors. We've got Hayloft, Soot, Almanac, Faded Quilt and Snowbound in BT's Shelter all stocked up along with Loft in Woodsmoke. And, we have Imperial Yarn's Pearl Grey - Columbia back in stock now. Phew!

See you this weekend! xoxo

RE-UP Report for 3/7-3/8

The end of another fruitful work week! Let the fun begin! I think this is the first weekend in a long time where it will not be precipitating, and the temps will get above freezing in NYC. Hallelujah! What better way to celebrate than coming out to your LYS... and here are some enticements for this weekend.

We've re-uped on Sleep Season Goods. Meg, a hand-dyer from Denver, CO, dyes all her yarns in crockpots and the resulting yarns are the most interesting, unexpected and spontaneous hand-dyed yarns we've seen.

When we popped-up last Fall, Meg kindly came up with two exclusive color ways for our store. Gauge and Tension were the two colors and we finally have those back in stock too!

And calling all you spinners out there! We're slowly getting our fibers out and displayed, and first up is our dyed Merino roving. We've got many more colors in store, so please stop in to take a look. You won't believe how soft and luxurious this merino feels.

And last but not least, we've got The Gleener! After hearing the highest praises for this sweater shaver, I took one for a test drive and have obsessively been shaving all my sweaters ever since. The comfortable ergonomic grip and three interchangeable heads makes The Gleener indispensable for anyone with a knitwear collection.

Don't forget to sign up for our Drop Spindling 101 class, and now we've got a Crochet 101 class! Learn how to crochet by making yourself a cute clutch bag - perfect for the coming Spring and Summer!

Hope to see you this weekend! xoxo

RE-UP Report for 2/28-3/1

We are resurrecting the Re-Up Reports for G+T! When we have something new for the weekend, we'll be sure to announce it on Friday, so check back often. (We'll also post on our Facebook page and share teaser pics on Instagram.)

As soon as we saw these Shawl Sticks, we knew G+T needed to be a home to some. These beautiful shawl sticks are from Jūl Designs and it's a Mountain Sheep to celebrate the Year of the Sheep (or Goat) and absolutely perfect for knitters.

We've been big big fans of Spun Right Round. Her yarns sold-out last Fall, so we've picked out more color ways in her Snappy Sock base. So much fun!

Maybe it's the gray skies and freezing temps, but this 17-color gradient kit from Zauberzeug Fibers, a company based in Brooklyn, put a smile on our faces. All the colors glow under a black light (we have one at G+T - come in and play!) and there's also a bit of sparkle in these sock weight beauties.

And in its first weekend at G+T, Imperial Yarns' Columbia Yarn sold out in its Natural color way. We've got it back in stock along with some Black. You can never have enough black.

Last, but so far from being least, is Western Sky Knits. We can't get enough of it. We only had a few skeins left of the sport and lace weights we had last Fall, so we've re-uped with their Aspen Sock base, adding some new colors. Looking at them just makes us feel like we're out by the Rockies, gazing out on the landscape.

We're also revving up our class and workshop schedule. Our first Knitting 101 class was a big hit. We'll be sure to have some more intermediate classes soon. In the meantime, why not try drop spindling? It's meditative, an ancient art, and you can make your own yarn. Can't get better. Register under our Classes/Workshops section.

Stop in and say hello! If you haven't checked out our new home inside the Brooklyn Craft Company, bring your project and stay awhile!

Dark Days of Winter

These last days of Winter always seem to drag on. It's a gray day here in NYC, and while the snow falls again, we couldn't help but want to brighten our day with some lovely O-Wool yarn.

Check out our State Street Cowl knit in O-Wool's Legacy Bulky in Bee Balm. We can't help but feel a little warmed inside around this hot pink.

Stop by G+T to try on the cowl and get the supplies you need for this fast, easy and fashionable cowl!