OLGAJAZZY coming to G+T!!

Join us in welcoming Olga Buraya-Kefelian, the exceptional designer behind Brooklyn Tweed's first Capsule Collection. Olga will be with us all weekend, January 16-17! Not only will she be on hand to autograph copies of the book and answer any questions, but she'll also be demonstrating four different short-row techniques!

Here is a description of the 4 different short-row techniques, along with the schedule:

Saturday 2-2:30p // Sunday 1-1:30p
Wrap & Turn Short-rows

Most commonly used and applied method of short rows that everyone must know to understand the anatomy of all other existing short row methods.

Saturday 2:30-3p // Sunday 1:30-2p
Japanese Short-rows
Created using pins, with this method of short rows you will most definitely never lose your place.

Saturday 3-3:30p // Sunday 2-2:30p
German Short-rows
With this technique we have no wraps as they are immediately implemented into knit fabric, leaving a neat looking short row placement.

Saturday 3:30-4p // Sunday 2:30-3p
Shadow Short-rows
This technique allows to create short row wraps in your knitting leaving them virtually invisible. Perfect usage for knit fabrics that will be worn with both sides as public sides, making it truly reversible.

There's no need for registration or sign-up. Stop in and hang out with us!